16 September 2003

Please pray for Parentless Students

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Thank you so much for your prayers towards the work we have here in Burundi done by Christian Community Development Burundi. We continue to evangelise children at refugeee camp here in Burundi. Last Saturday, we had a wonderful and blessed time with children in our Good News Club. The welcomed me warmly because Saturday 6th of September 2003 I missed them due to my trip to Kigoma Tanzania but I prayed for them and God helped to find all of them fine. I had a mercy journey going and returning from the camp and I taught them God’s living Word.

With the present message, I would to remind you of the goals of Christian Community Development Burundi (CCD Burundi):

  1. Evangelism and Prayer
  2. Training Childrens’ workers
  3. Teaching God’s word to children, young people and adults
  4. Fighting poverty by education & starting small businesses
  5. Assisting the street children and orphans
  6. Fighting HIV/AIDS
  7. Taking care of aged people
  8. Assisting poor students, victims of war and HIV/AIDS
  9. Peace, conflict resolution & reconciliation
  10. Trauma healing for children
  11. Community development projects (such as health centres, reconstruction of homes, agriculture, building schools for poor communities, clean water and so on.)

For today I would like to take number 8 of the above goals. CCD Burundi sends a call to you so that you may pray for poor students, victims of war and HIV/AIDS who are here in Burundi. We are also looking for financial support for the parentless students who need to continue their education here in Burundi. One of them is living with us because she didn’t have someone to house her. Please pray that God may provide financial support to meet the needs for two parentless students who need help. There are many, but two have come to ask for help at our Office. We are looking for 8 people who can contribute US$25 each per month. We hope that US$200 per month will help to meet the educational and living exepenses of these students.
Thanks a lot for holding these students in yout prayers.

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