23 March 2004


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Dear Praying Friend,

Greetings in Jesus name!

I am pleased to let you know that Bishop Obadiah who was refugee in Kigoma Tanzania came to visit us and CCD BURUNDI has prepared where this man of God will be preaching for 4 days in Victory Mission Church here in Bujumbura. He starts to preach today until Sunday. He will also preach in other churches later.

In the beginning of April we plan to run an open air of Gospel Peace crusade in Bujumbura from 1- 4 April 20004 in a locality where many people were killed during an ongoing war of over 10 years. The ongoing war has destroyed many things here in Burundi and many souls have been traumatised and bring hatred in hearts of people from different ethnic group. This crusade will gather first 8 churches that Benjamin & Katrin preached Gospel in last 3 months visit to Burundi and all people are invited to attend the crusade. We hope that the message of peace that is going to be preached Bishop Obadiah in this locality called Kamenge will unite many people.

Please pray for needed financial means for this crusade, we need $ 3, 000 USD for it. Please ask the Lord what you can contribute for this harvest work. Please pray for many souls to know the Lord. Thanks you for your prayers and help. May the Lord bless you all.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Yours in Christ,

Deogratias NIYONZIMA

President & Legal Representative

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