28 March 2004

Praise the Lord for the miracles and miracles… !!!

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Dear Praying Friend,

Thank you for your wonderful support of prayers, preaching went well in Victory Mission Church here in Burundi. Bishop Obadiah preached the Gospel for 4 days, praise the Lord for the miracles and miracles that happened on Sunday evening service. One boys who couldn’t hear God healed him and he hears very well; ladies who had problem of stomachace were healed; sorcerers were healed and all demonies cast from them; ( these sorcerers were the ones who go to the world of evil spirities), now they are fine. There are many other people who were healed from different sicknesses. Praise for stand with us in prayers.

Please continue to pray for the evangelism in Bujumbura Burundi, this week Bishop Obadiah is preaching for 4 days again in Evangelical Friends Church, this church is located in suburb called Kamenge where we plan to have open air Gospel Peace Crusade from April 1 to 4, 2004. This week is a time to prepare hearts of people of that suburb so that they may come to hear message of salvation in Evangelical Friends Church and meet God’s hand there. Please take time to pray for Bishop Obadiah as he asks the Lord the right message for people of Kamenge. Pray for many people to come to know the Lord and for the healing hand of God to touch those who are suffering so that the will be healed.

Please allow me to share with you few prayer requests, pray for funds that we need for this harvest work of evangelism in Burundi. Please feel free to contibute whatever you may have. You can send any gift by Western Union to our address in Burundi.

We also have a problem of sound system, tansportation and so on. Please pray that GOD may provide sound system that we need to be able to preach the Gospel in the coming Gospel Peace Crusade. Pray a vehicle that is needed for this work.

We would like to send them to you so you see people who have been healed but we don’t have funds to use. Pictures have been takes and we will send you pictures as soon God provides any financial help to meet the needs. Film will be developped and printed them out for you. Please continue to stand with us in prayer and support as the Lord leads you. Please forward this messages to your friends so that they pray for us. We are together in this work. May the Lord bless you.

Yours in Christ,

Deogratias NIYONZIMA
President & Legal Representative

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