4 September 2004


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Matthew 25:31-46 “I was hungry and you fed me”

It was at 10:00 PM on Friday 13, 04 night while the Burundi Refugee families were sleeping, they were awakened to the sounds of gunshots. They saw people coming toward the camp from the direction of the DR Congo. At first, they thought they were robbers who had come to steal their cows. They heard them shouting “Exterminate them!” They weren’t robbers, they were the militia they had fled before. They could do nothing. The militia began to shoot everyone, including the women, children and elderly. Some of the children killed and wounded were our needy children. Their shelters were burned and most of their bodies were burned beyond recognition. Even babies were killed. Some of the refugees were beheaded.

Many children are in critical condition. Some are safe but without food and clothing. All of them are traumatized. While the militia was killing, some were chanting “Hallelujah” and beating drums. They were shouting “You escaped us before but this time we’ve got you.”
On behalf of the children who have been victimized, CCD BURUNDI is asking you for prayer and also for support. If you are in a position to send financial support and/or clothing and food to Burundi, please do so. May God bless you as you feed the needy and hungry children.

Yours in Christ,

Deogratias NIYONZIMA
President & Legal Representative

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