Major projects of CCD BURUNDI are:

We accomplish this through Evangelism, Education, Children Ministry, Care (counselling & Support), HIV/AIDS aid, Humanitarian aid, Peace and Reconciliation, Emergency Aid, Health, and Community Development Projects( such as Health Centres, Hospitals, House reconstruction, building schools, Agriculture, Farming, water & sanitation, Job creation, Income Generating Activities, vocational education and training, small & medium workshops, micro financing, macro enterprises.

CCD BURUNDI  helped refugees and returnees, helped orphans in Burundi with food and educational support, provided emergency relief in Burundi, Kenya and Japan after Tsunami and the earthquake.

Please pray for us so that we may get funds to meet the following needs of Children:

1. Emergency Aid to Children at Risk
2. Children Feeding Program
3. Children Educational Program
4. Children Rights
5. Children Evangelism and Training Workers
6. Children  Rehabilitation Centre
7. Grace Restaurant for feeding Street Children
8. Children Medical Assistance
9. HIV/AIDS Program
10. Helping the Aged
11. We need a 4WD Land Cruiser
12. Office rent : CCD Burundi is a faith Christian organization and we do not have our own house yet. At the moment we rent the house where we have the CCD Office in Bujumbura, which costs $500 USD per month; please join us in prayer so that we may get the funds we need.
13. Office equipment; please pray that we may have 2 new computers: 1 Laptop and a desk top.
14. General Funds
These funds meet the administration expenses of CCD Burundi; please consider giving a donation of $10, $20, $50, $100 or more.

Please sent your lovely gift to:

How to send support to CCD BURUNDI.