Christian Community Development of Burundi (CCD BURUNDI), this is a Christian organization. It was created in 2001 and was registered by the Government of Burundi on February 6, 2004, with registration number 530/73/2004. It is a Christ-centred organisation, and has  goals of helping the poor and needy people of Burundi, especially children to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, and also to help them overcome poverty. As Christians, we have to follow the example of Christ when he fed people God’s word and bread (Matthew 15:32-39). It is our duty to help poor people: (Matthew 14:14; Proverbs 31:20). Through support from CCD Burundi, poor people will be able to help themselves in order to meet the daily needs of their children.

First of all, we have a BIBLE, the bread of life. CCD BURUNDI feeds the people with God’s word in order to give people spiritual transformation. Secondly, CCD BURUNDI educates people and finds ways and means to develop poor people physically, economically, socially and emotionally.

We accomplish this through Evangelism, Education, Children Ministry, Care (counselling & Support), HIV/AIDS aid, Humanitarian aid, Peace and Reconciliation, Emergency Aid, Health, and Community Development Projects (such as Health Centres, Hospitals, House reconstruction, building schools, Agriculture, Farming, water & sanitation, Job creation, Income Generating Activities, vocational education and training, small & medium workshops, micro financing, macro enterprises

CCD BURUNDI  operates from Burundi, Africa. Because of love and compassion for poor and the needy who have been blown by the poverty and the misery due to war that erupted in Burundi since 1993, that pushed me to think how to assist the poor and the Lord led me to establish this Christian organisation called Christian Community Development of Burundi (CCD BURUNDI) in order to respond to needs of the above mentioned people.

This organisation is operating its activities in Bujumbura, Burundi, a country which has been passing through difficult times because of war, it is better to learn little about this country before we talk about the work of Christian Community Development of Burundi. The following information will help you to get to know Burundi.