On a national Level, CCD BURUNDI has partnerships with different Churches and Christian organizations in Burundi; CCD Burundi trains their Sunday School Teachers and Church workers. We work together in planning and doing evangelism in Burundi. CCD Burundi provides assistance to their widows and children programs.  

On an international level, CCD BURUNDI is a member of Micah Global, a group of 290+ Christian relief, development and justice organizations from 75 countries. They have offices in Australia and UK. CCD BURUNDI has partnership with CMS AFRICA, its office is in Nairobi – Kenya. 


CCD BURUNDI welcomes any Christian individual, Christian organizations or churches that would like to be in partnership with us. The door is open widely for you to come to CCD BURUNDI and work with us to help our needy people, especially Children at Risk and other vulnerable people.