21 April 2015

Please pray for Burundi – Emergency Relief is needed – April 2015

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 Dear Prayer Partner,

Greetings from CCD Burundi,

 With present letter, I would like to inform you about the disaster that occurred again in Burundi.  It occurred in the first village is called Rutunga,  located in the South and at 19 mile of Bujumbura Capital City. The second village is called Nyaruhongoka, these are the villages where the natural disaster occurred and destroyed houses and many people lost their belonging.

On  Sunday, March 29, 2015, around 2:00 pm, couple hours after the Sunday  church service, heavy and big stones brought by rivers’ heavy rain,  there was a heavy rain for three hours. The rain caused mountains sliding up in the mountains blocked the river flow to continue normally ravaged Rutunga Village; the Free Methodist Church building was completely destroyed, primary schools 9 classes, secondary school 5 classes, the clinic of Rutunga were destroyed..  The whole village habited by more than 3000 people and 400 homes.  15 people died in this tragedy:  7 were swept away by waters: 2 men and 1 woman and 4 children.  In the neighborhood village of Nyaruhongoka 4 people one man, one woman and two children, 4 people have been identified dead by the rain and mountains sliding up in the mountains above Rutunga.

Because of this disaster people are hopeless of their family members, belongings and farms.  The urgent needs are the following: Shelters, food, clothing and sleeping materials, kitchen materials, uniforms and school materials for children.

Please  pray and consider to give any donation in order to meet urgent needs of  the survivors of the disaster.

We thank you for support that you are going to provide.  May God bless you all.

Sincerely yours,

 Deogratias NIYONZIMA

President and Legal Representative


E-mail: gdeniy@gmail.com

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