16 February 2014

Torrential rains, flooding, lead to more than 100 deaths in Burundi

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Dear Beloved one in Christ,

Hope that you heard about what happened in Burundi this week. More than 100 people were killed by torrential rains, flooding, and landslides in Burundi, with homes swept away, roads decimated, and many left without power. The rains began on the evening of February 9th, and caused flooding in the northern areas surrounding the capital
of Bujumbura.

Over 1000 houses were destroyed by heavy stones and water, and more than 12,000 people are homeless. Survivors have been put in different places where plastic sheetings have been prepared to help them during
this hard time.

The government of Burundi will pay for hospital treatment for those injured and buried the victims of the flooding.

Homes in the poorest sections of Bujumbura are often made of mud bricks, which offered no resistance to the massive deluge of water and mud. Bujumbura is on a relatively flat plain between the hills and Lake Tanganyika.

These people are in great need of water, blankets, food, medication and housing.

Photos have been attached for you to see what happened in Burundi.

House destroyed by flooding

Child saved from torrent Power of the torrent Flooded area

Please tell your friends to pray for us and help.


Deogratias NIYONZIMA

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