12 December 2003

Pray for our CCD Burundi first visitors from Germany

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Dear Prayer Partner,

Greetings in Jesus’ Name our Lord and Savior!

CCD Burundi is pleased to inform you that Benjamin and Katrin from Germany are coming to visit us here in Burundi from December 6, 2003 to February 29, 2004. They will arrive in Bujumbura on Satuday 6th Dec. 03 with Ethiopia Airlines – ET 879 at 7:00 AM Bujumbura time. This family is coming to help us with work especially with evangelism at refugee camp, medical treatment for the kids, teaching about community development in Churches, and so on.

Please pray for them as the prepare their trip to Burundi, pray that the will have a mercy journey. Actually we don’t have a car to use during the stay in Burundi. Our 2 donated vehicles are still in Japan and we are praying for the funds to ship them to Burundi. Now because of these visitors, we have urgent need of a car to use. Please pray for us that we may have a vehicle because it is very much needed now.

Burundi is a country where there is war since 1993, but this family has accepted to come to serve God in country of war, please pray for peace in Burundi so that these boloved family which is coming to serve God with us and so that they will stay in peace here in Bujumbura Burundi, pray for God’s protection as we will be travelling together in defferent parts of Burundi where it will be possible to visit. Without peace this mission will not be possible, so you are invited to pray for us and for all the needs to be met.

Please feel to tell others to join us in prayer for these prayer requests. We need God’s help at this time, so if you feel to help us financially, please do as the Lord tell you. Any financail help can reach us through Western Union by using our address below. May the Lord bless you as you pray for us and help.

Yours in Christ,

Deogratias NIYONZIMA
President & Legal Representative
Christian Community Development Burundi
P.O.Box 6972 Bujumbura
Phone: 257-979036

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James Banfield Says:

21 December 2003 at 1:29 am.

Dear Deogratias;

I pray for the Ministry that God has given you and for HIS peace of His full Understanding, Wisdom, Knowledge and Discernment in everything that you do. And I pray for the assistance That God has sent to you through your visitors from Germany. Praise the Lord for Through His Strength we will all endure.
The ministry that God has put in your charge is a most needed one, and I continue to pray and ask for him to supply all your needs as they are there to be met.
Press on my Brother.. press on… He is with you every day…
Yours in Christ,