16 December 2003

News from CCD Burundi

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Dear Prayer Partner,

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
I am so glad to inform you that God did a miracle for us here in CCD Burundi to receive first blessed guests from Germany Benjamin and Katrin. It is really a miracle for us to see them arrive safely, we prayed for them and God answered our prayers. We thank God because they have come to support CCD Burundi in many ways.

Last Saturday we were together at refugee camp to evangelise Children. All children were so happy to welcome them at the camp. The message of salvation was given to children, praise the Lord for 45 of the children received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. At the end, children were given biscuits and sweets that our guests provided for them as a sign of love for the children.

It is amazing to see how God answers prayers of the chidren at camp, children prayed for biscuits and sweets one week before the guests arrive in Burundi, so when children saw the gifts from the visitors, they thanked God for answering their prayers. It was a blessing to be together with our guests at the camp.

Praise the Lord God has opened a door for the guests to start evangelising here in Bujumbura Burundi, on Sunday 14, they evangelised in Lutheran Church and I was able to translate from English into Kirundi our mother tongue. There is a list of different churches where they will be going to serve God for this period of 3 months. They will also run seminars at the CCD Burundi office and to some churches.

They are praying for CCD Burundi and looking for possible ways to support our ministry especially to buy a computer and have internet at out office, this will reduce the costs of using internet at the internet cafe. They have helped us to install new telephone at our office that will work with the computer to have internet, our new telephone number is 257-249220. Praise the LORD, He has used them to provide help to pay for the rent of office for the month for November 2003 and to meet living expenses.

CCD Burundi has many needs that together with the guests, are praying for and we would like to share with you today so that you will be able to lift them before God in your daily prayer :

1. Please pray for a Mobile Clinic, it will help poor and needy people and children to have medical treatment. Most the people who will be treated live in the areas where war destroyed dispensaries or heath centers and the people don’t have any means to pay for the medical treatments. So this Mobile Clinic will be helpful to these people. To be able to start this project we need finances, medical equipents, vehicle ( a Land Cuiser), $ 25, 000.00 USD is needed for this project.

2. Please pray for peace to be restored in Burundi, when we have peace we will be able to assist poor and needy people of Burundi and helping children at refugee camp.

3. Please pray for the funds needed to meet administration expenses, children’s needs at refugee camp, to pay the rent of office for 6 months.

4. Pray for Chritmas Party that we plan to have for children at the camp on Dec 27, 03.

5. Please pray for CCD Burundi registration which is still in process, pray that God will help us to get our registration soon.

6. Please pray for 100 plastic chairs that needed for children Good News Club and training classes at our office.

7. Pray for a vehicle, we still need a car to use with our guests.

I am so glad that you will be able to join us in praying for these prayer requests written above. We trust that our God will respond posotively. He is faithful to us and he will do it according to His will. The folowing are the praises from what God has done for us during these days.

1. Praise the Lord for our guests who arrives safely in Burundi and they have started serving God with us.

2. Praise the Lord for the new telephone that has been installed at our CCD Burundi office.

3. Praise the Lord for the rent of office for Nov.03 that has been paid.

Finally, it is really good to serve God, this brings blessing to us and to those who serve Him faithfully. May God bless you all as you pray for us and continue to serve Him where you are.

Yours in the serve of the Master,

Deogratias NIYONZIMA
President & Legal Representative
Christian Community Development Burundi
P.O.Box 6972 Bujumbura
Office: 257-249220
Mobile: 257-979036

P.S: Please feel free to post your comments on our web site, your message will be forwarded to my e-mail address and will be able to respond to you. Thanks.

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Raj Sinha Roy Says:

16 December 2003 at 6:55 pm.

Dear Niyonzima .. Benjamin + Katrin :

God’s is definitely with you as you go about doing His will & work. In all you will find His grace. Each day great blessings so that others can be blessed. All things met & provided for out of His great abundance. The outpouring of your love & joy touching the minds & hearts of tender young souls – a gift of lifetime for all eternity.
May you know that God’s hand is upon you … His hope is in your hearts … and His promise is before you. What a wonderful future God is leading you into.
Be Blessed … for you are under His gaze & care.