4 February 2004


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Dear Prayer Partner,

Greetings in Jesus name.

I am pleased to send you this message to thank you for your prayers; we had a blessed day on last Saturday at refugee camp. Children were so happy to be taught songs and God’s word at refugee camp.

As I informed you in the message of January 21, 04, I took the box to the camp and we praise the Lord for the clothing that we gave to children on that day, it was only one box and many children still need chothing, may God bless brother and sisters in the Lord who are in the USA who collected the clothes and send them to children in refugee camp.

As you are going to see from the pictures attached to this message; in the first picture, there is a refugee camp which is seen from the long distance with children sitting on the grass, one of the children is going towards the camp with the box of the chothing on his head, then children are songs and God’s word by brother Sixte Bigirimana who work with me.

In the second picture, you see clothings from the box before given to children, children with clothing, I am standing just near the opened box at the left side of the picture, in the last picture, you see children with and I am standing in just in the center of the picture and my son Elijah is sitting in the front of all children behind him there is another child holding a white T-Shirt.

Thanks a lot for praying for us, we had mercy journey, God protected us while going there and returned home. It was a miracle for us to get a car from the camp to Bujumbura City, just the time we got to the station, the last bus was about to go and we were able to catch it before it leaves. Normally the camp is located at 18 Km from Bujumbura City. It would be hard for us to have where to stay without any money to pay for the hotel, praise the LORD for the way God helped us to get a car for home after our Good News Club at refugee camp. Thank you for holding us in your prayers, God is at work and we continue to see His Hands doing miracles.

Please allow me to remind you to continue praying for us, we are in a great need of money to meet the needs, please continue to pray that God provides the needed funds we need now. May the Lord bless you as you continue to serve Him.

Yours in Christ,

Deogratias NIYONZIMA

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