23 March 2004

Report of Service in Burundi

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Report of Service in Burundi

Bujumbura 23rd of February 2004

Why we came…

The desire to follow God’s will for our lives, brought us to Burundi for a period of three months, beginning on the 8th December of 2003 until the 29th of February of 2004.
Our goal for this time was, to serve the Lord with our abilities and beyond that experiencing Him in tasks that He would enable us to accomplish.

What we experienced…

During this time we were able to get to know Christian Community Development Burundi with all His members. Besides that we had the privilege to stay with family NIYONZIMA for this time, got to know various other people and were able to draw closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. Because we stayed at Déogratias’ house, we had the chance to get to know burundian culture and family life in a very special and precious way.

What we did…

– assisting CCD Burundi in various tasks ; e.g. evaluation and project planning
– preaching & teaching in churches and student meetings of Bujumbura
– supporting needs of people ; e.g. with bibles, financially, practical work
– meeting needs of our host family ; e.g. financially, practical, household, …
– visiting missionary families and getting to know their work


This time was a real life changing experience, challenging us to remain steadfast in faith and prayer as God took us into His school.
We are very grateful for this time that tought us many lessons – spiritually and in everyday life.

Leaving the blessing…

We hope and pray that God’s blessings may remain on those activities we joined, bringing forth good fruit that lasts.


Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Benjamin & Katrin Sander

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